Multimaterial Dryer

Low moisture for high performance

Are you familiar with these printing failures?

Soft or brittle parts
Soft or brittle parts
Bad surface finish
Bad surface finish
Bad extrusion flow
Bad extrusion flow

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room: moisture!
These are a few indications of possible moisture content in your failed prints:


Filament cracks or popping noise as filament is pushed through extruder

Holes in the top of parts

Extruder tip bubbles with a burst of steam, stringy or drooly

Bad adhesion to bed

Repeated prints are inconsistent or fail with no change in parameters

Extruder motor stops but filament keeps coming out

Parts become soft, fragile, and break easily

Extruder jams

Why is humidity a silent killer for my 3D prints?

Precise control over the material’s mass flow rate is directly correlated with the moisture control of printed material. Moisture will lead to hydrolysis, breaking the polymer chains. In addition, while filament is melted in the hotend, moisture turns into vapor inside the hotend’s melting chamber, generating pressure. This pressure needs to be released, release that depends on the material’s viscosity. The result may be a back pressure jam or flow variations in the extrusion.

Heat-based solutions cannot deal with moisture effectively


Drying cycles are typically 8-18

hours long


These solutions cannot process
more than a few pounds of material


Moisture rate
Achieving a relative humidity of less
than 10-30% (depending on the
material) is hardly impossible with
such techniques


Materials with different thermal
properties may not be dried


Since this method depends on
contact with dry air, moisture may
be found even after a full drying


Up-to 10 times more energy
efficient than heat-based

Why are other current solutions suboptimal for engineering needs?

In addition to being time and cost ineficient, drying with temperature may either ruin your Filament by altering its physical properties or not dry it properly.

The Smart3D Multimaterial Dryer is the only current solution that integrates a hybrid drying technology at end-user level

Preserve the properties or your materials

Our hybrid drying technology dries your filament and preserves its properties, ensuring your material is in its best conditions to be printed.

Dry over 10 times faster

This system allows the filaments to be dried much faster than any other current solution on the market. In less than 2 hours, you can have the Dryer’s full storage capacity in perfect conditions and ready to use.

Dry up to 30 spools

Unlike other drying solutions on the market, the Smart3D Material Dryer can dry and store large 2.2kg spools, or up to 30 1kg spools, depending on spool size.

Store your dry filament

The drying chamber also works to keep your filament dry. The controlled ambient chamber keeps the moisture out, so after drying your materials, you can keep them inside until use.

Achieve perfectly dry filament

Our technology ensures that your previously humid filament will achieve its optimal dryness level.

material dryer v5-17

Among others, these filaments should never be
stored in ambient air

material dryer v5-24
material dryer v5-25
material dryer v5-26

The effect of moisture on nylon is
profound, as it may fully saturate
in as little as 10 hours.

Being a soluble support material,
PVA’s ability to absorb water is a
fundamental characteristic. Even
mild humidity is enough to ruin an
entire spool of unsealed filament.

Drying TPU with
heat-based solutions is not
recommendable due to its low
glass transition temperature.



Product dimensions: W: 892 mm / 35.1” - D: 500 mm / 19.7” - H: 825 mm / 32.5”
Internal storage capacity: W: 733 mm / 28.9” - D: 250 mm / 9.8” - H: 506 mm / 19.9”
Maximum spool diameter: 500 mm / 19.7”


Cycle duration: <2h
Drying capacity: Up to 30 spools (depending on spool size)
Compatibility: Filament spools of any material and brand
Connectivity: Ethernet, USB
Display: 7” full color touch screen


Rated voltage: 110 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz
Auxiliar power outlet: 110 - 240V / 50 - 60 Hz / 4 - 2A


Spool recognition: Through RFID tag
Reports and statistics: Temperature, humidity and drying cycles
Updates: via Ethernet
I4.0 compliant: Yes

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