KODAK Portrait 3D Printer Data Sheet

KODAK Portrait 3D Printer

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1. KODAK Portrait 3D Print er D a ta Sheet Print volume 200 x 200 x 250 mm / 8 ” x 8 ” x 10 ” Extru sion Dual extruders with lif ting nozzle , available in different sizes and materials with quick exchange mechanism Chamber Fully enclosed with temperature mo nitoring Screen Multi - language color touch screen 5” HDMI screen, 800 x 480 resolution Connectivity Wi - Fi, USB flash drive, multi - user features and integration with email, file sharing services and social networks Camera 5 mpx Calibration and leveling Automatic Internal lights Color LEDs, indicate printer status End - of - filament sensor With optional continuation from the second extruder Processors Raspberry Pi 3 Smoothieboard Heated bed Aluminum Filament compatibility Open to third party filament, with airtight cases for KODAK 3D Printing Filament


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