Frequently Asked Questions

To make sure both nozzles are set correctly for best adhesion to the print surface you need to calibrate the Z Offset of both nozzles. 

  1. On the touch screen, go to Settings » Calibration » Z Offset Calibration.

  2. Start with Nozzle 2.

  3. Adjust the Z Offset up or down on-screen while sliding the provided calibration card between the nozzle and the print surface.

  4. You should aim for the tightest setting allowing the calibration card to slide between the nozzle and the print surface without getting stuck.

  5. Select Nozzle 1 and do the perform step 3 and 4 again.

There is no set maximum size. Most GCODE files are only 10-100Mb in size, although potentially they can be larger, but you will not have problems regarding file size.

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