Firmware Release Notes

KODAK v2.0 firmware release notes

KODAK 3D printers combine world-class hardware, filaments, print profiles and software to provide a truly reliable 3D printing experience.   


The firmware provides the magic inside the 3D printer to make it easy to use, reliable, integrated, and full of features.

Version 2.02.01

    • New option for updating the software from a USB flash drive
    • Asynchronous updates search, makes the UI more responsive
    • Loading material routine now shows suitable materials only, depending on the hotend type
    • Improved material loading routine for Flex98 and PLA+ filaments
    • New “Dev Tools” button performs advanced technical routines for quickly solving some common issues
    • Improved messaging and warnings
    • Improved UI

Version 2.01.07

  • Improved usability of bed leveling calibration routine
  • Improved bi-directional printing status communication with the Cloud
  • Platform now homes when entering manual control to prevent crashing against the printhead
  • Improved navigation menu
  • User messages improvements
  • Aesthetic improvements


Version 2.01.06

  • Improved visual style (user interface), with new or modified screens, icons and navigation
  • Added new languages (Polish, German) to existing ones (English, Spanish, Italian, French)
  • Improved calibration routines
  • Improved filament load and unload routines
  • Improved welcome wizard to guide users in setting up their printer the first time
  • Improved WiFi management  
  • Improved Information panel showing MAC address, IP for Ethernet and Wifi
  • Major internal rewrite for stability, speed, and future upgradeability
  • Optimization of the operating system for greater speed and additional security.  
  • Faster screen refresh, more responsive controls
  • New Updater
  • Factory reset capability, in case of SD card failure
  • Various bugs fixed and minor improvements introduced